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Refusal of my visitor visa- reason for refusal

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  • peace999
    Sections noted for you
    222 g is visa void due to overstay and 214(b) is potential immigrant .

    I think there was some mistake in the recording of your extension approval
    in the system due to the vermont disturbance.
    You returned the expired I-94 at departure , which recorded an overstay in the system.
    But it did not follow up with the extension approval.

    I suggest you let your daughter in US talk to the CBP officer at the houston airport .

    : U.S. Customs and Border Protection
    19581 Lee Road Humble, Texas 77338
    8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
    Monday – Friday
    (281) 443-4350 Ext: 221
    They have a record of everything and he can tell from your visa number what happened.

    Your daughter must have the extension approval letter for reference , very important.
    And you must send her a copy of the refusal sheet you posted here.
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  • muddu3650
    refusal of my visitor visa-reason for refusal-refusal copy attached

    Please note that I stayed only for nine months not ten months as mentioned by you. As per you request I am sending the Refusal letter sent by US consulate , Mumbai.
    Muddu venkata Krishna ******
    Attached Files

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  • peace999
    Sometimes they cancel your visa if they notice you stay too long in the US , like you stayed
    10 months. in one year.
    There is a disconnect between USCIS and embassy. USCIS can extend your visa to let you stay for a total of one year but if you go to apply for another visitor visa at your embassy , they will deny you
    saying you stayed too long ( for one year).

    But it is surprising it has happened without you reapplying.

    can you please post the language of the refusal sheet you received.
    that will give some insight.

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  • muddu3650
    started a topic Refusal of my visitor visa- reason for refusal

    Refusal of my visitor visa- reason for refusal

    On 17th November2006 myself got Tourist Visa ie B1/B2 from Chennai consulate.
    On February 20th 2011 myself and my wife left Hyderabad and reached Houston , Texas, USon the same dt.
    On july22nd 2011 we applied for extension of our stay for another three months toU.S.Citizenship & immigration SVCS, VERMOUNT CENTRE, VT05479-001. Receipt No:EAC-11-800-12927.
    On 16th January 2012 we got the APPROVAl for extension from the " VERMOUNT CENTRE' to my daughter house adress at AUSTIN , TEXAS. Ofcourse it was delayed because of natural calamities occured in VERMONT during that time.
    On 14th November2011 itself we returned to INDIA, ie HYDERABAD by Quatar Airways as per schedule.By the time We are returning to INDIA we have not received APPROVAL letter due to the reason mentioned above. It is their deviation only. Still I informed to VERMONT centre , US by phone from my daughters house that we are leaving US .
    To my surprise I received a REFUSAL WORK SHEET from FOREIGN SERVICES OF U.S.A.,
    MUMBAI with 13th January 2012 date to my hyderabad house..With Reason as 213(b) &222(g) and asking me to reapply for VISAfrom INDIA.
    For this I contacted VFS help line desk at Mumbai. They asked metowriteto"[email protected]
    I wrote to them so many letters but I did not get any proper reply.They are telling me that my visa
    was revoked without assigning any proper reason for revoking of my visa.
    I have not deviated any of their rules. I have applied for extension and I got Approval from their Consulate office only. I am a senior citizen aged62, and my second daughter an son are staying in INDIA with me only.. I got my own house at HYDERABAD. Iam a retired person getting my pension etc in Hyderabad .I got strong ties to stay in HYDERABAD only. All my kith and kin are hyderabad only I donot have any intentions to stay back in US
    Atleast let me know the exact reason for revoking of my visa so that I can reply to the consulate officials during my next interaction with them . The first question they will ask me is "WHY YOUR VISA GOT REVOKED".For this I do not have a proper reason.
    Please help me.
    Muddu Venkata Krishna ******.