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Israel A4 vs A1 visa issue - urgent help needed

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  • Israel A4 vs A1 visa issue - urgent help needed

    I applied for an oleh visa and filled out a permanent resident/immigration visa application and received an A4 visa. I do not know why this is since an A4 visa is for married couples an minors in Israel and I am not married and I am not a minor. I was recommended for the law of return in Israel under clause A4 after the aliyah interview since the rabbi letter I gave them said I was the son of a Jewish father and Jewish grandparents. However I gave them the immigration/permanent resident's application, which they now have, and indicated I am not married and so thought I was supposed to get the A1 visa. However, they gave me the A4 visa. If the Israeli consulate has copies of my materials, what should I do to fix this?

    Is there anyway the A4 can be changed to A1 given that the consulate has my application for a permanent resident's visa? I intend to work in a salaried position as a post doc in an Israeli university and I need a visa that allows me to do this. I applied for an A1 visa and gave them the immigrant/permanent resident application with health and entry exit forms from the aliyah interview. The aliyah recommendation as I said listed clause 4A, being the son of Jewish parents, under law of return. So why would I have been given an A4 visa and is there any way to fix this?

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    If not, and if time is pressing, you could risk entering Israel on the A4 visa and trying to straighten it out inside Israel, at the Ministry of Interior. I'd say your chances are good, but you certainly should try to solve the problem beforehand if at all possible. The last thing you want is to end up in some kind of Hollywood "your papers aren't in order" scenario.