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    My cousin recently got a letter from the US Dept. of State mentioning her case no and updating her about the approval of her visa petition request filed on behalf of the Dept. of State (NVC).In the letter, they have also mentioned that she has not contacted NVC during last year based on their record and requested her to apply asap.

    The story background here is that she got married in 2018 to a US National and this marriage was held in Pakistan. Unfortunately, things did not go well and the marriage broke down in a couple of months Sept 2019 (During this tenure her ex-husband applied for this visa application for her and I believe they did not inform the state dept about this change). In 2020 she got married to someone else and lived with her husband in another country.

    She recently got the letter which I refer to at the top, where the US Dept of State asked her to complete his application and pay the fees (which she did not pursue further because of the unavailability of the sponsor that was her ex-husband).

    Now, in the form state dept mentioned that if you don't want to continue you should inform us in writing the reason for not pursuing the application further. Is there any way that she can still apply for the visa without the ex-husband's sponsorship?

    her visa case file is still active and can be easily be pulled out from the CEAC website, the following details are mentioned in the website
    1. Pay $325 for the DS-260 fee (Immigrant Visa Application Fee).
      This fee is for the review and processing of your visa application. Each applicant must pay this fee.
    2. Pay $120 for the I-864 fee (Affidavit of Support fee).
      This fee is for the review of the Affidavit of Support form(s) and financial evidence. One fee is required per case.
    3. To pay these fees, go to NVC's online payment system at https://ceac.state.gov/iv. You must pay these fees separately. Your agent received an invoice ID number. You will need your case number, invoice ID number, bank account number, and routing number to pay your fees.

    please advise.

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    Pay $325 for the DS-260 fee (Immigrant Visa Application Fee).