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extension of visa for mother due to covid

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  • extension of visa for mother due to covid


    I am working in US and my mother visited me with B2 visa in early Jan (and got 6 months i94 d/s) but due to covid there are no flights to Turkey. They may open up flights soon but her i94 date is expiring July5th and she is over 65 with underlying medical conditions, so I think it's very risky to have flight even if it becomes available, and I am trying to see if I can extend stay for a few months hoping things settle down.

    So I would like to apply for i-539 extension for her and if anyone already applied, what is your experience?
    1. Have you filed online or paper? Filing online seems quite convenient but I heard lawyers say paper is better in sending supporting documents to get acceptance? (saying online system breaks and you can't send supporing docs properly, is that true?) I am just wondering if it's late for filing by mail right now (30 days to even get a receipt).
    2. Has anyone got approval/rejection after applying for this covid situation? how long you have been waiting? if approved, for how many months? have you heard whether USCIS is extending such requests for the covid situation?
    3. Have you payed biometric fee in applying for b2? or just the regular filing fee?
    4. She speaks English ok, but I take care of documents; so should I write myself as "prepaper" in the form i-539?
    5. I don't need to file i-539A right?
    6. how long it takes for USCIS to decide after online submission roughly?
    7. There are no flights right now available, so I could not buy a ticket yet (I may buy for September, just to have a ticket but without knowing if they will give any date, how can I? would not be throwing money since I have no clue if it will be denied by then)
    8. If I find a ticket say in end of August but USCIS has not given decision yet, is it ok for her to leave the country?
    9. If extension request gets denied, I know there is no grace period, but practically how much time we have, to book a flight? like 2 weeks or 1 month?

    Any info would be very helpful in this difficult situation.

    thank you.

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    Hi, did you get approval ?

    How was the process ?

    LookingLookingd to apply for my mother


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      No, I recently applied and no reply yet.

      I applied via paper (most of people I know had applied via paper and lawyer, but seems like online is ok too).

      I have friends who applied in mid-March and still have not heard any response :/