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Travel Medical Insurance plan for my parent

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  • Travel Medical Insurance plan for my parent

    Dear Sir or Madam, I am looking for Travel Medical Insurance plan for my parent (age 59 and 54 yrs) who will come to the USA on next weekend for three months. They are healthy, but, I know the USA health care system. Also, you have recommended on the website for the comprehensive plan. Therefore, I will buy a comprehensive plan. Now, my question is which is the better plan between Patriot America Plus or Atlas America. I have seen that both similar but from the different company. So, there must be some differences. Thank you for your time and attention. Regards

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    Thank you for contacting Insubuy for your insurance needs. Atlas America and Patriot America plus are very similar plans. You can compare the plans side by side by clicking the small button to the left of the plan name and clicking on compare or choosing the fast compare tab.

    A couple of the differences would be that the Atlas America plan has a $50 urgent care copay and Patriot America does not. Patriot America plus offers a RX discount card and Atlas America does not. If you need additional information please feel free to contact our office.
    Thanks & Regards
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