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  • insurance for visiting parents

    I have purchased Cover America Gold by seven corners for visiting parents but I was quite shocked on reading yelp reviews for Seven Corners. In the policy they cover acute onset of pre-existing conditions. But from the yelp review, it seems like their strategy is to deny every acute onset as a pre-existing condition. Can people help me decide whether i should cancel this insurance and take a new one. My parents are already here.

    And please people associated with insurance companies do not respond here. I will like to take in genuine replies on this thread.

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    I had purchased Atlas travel insurance plan for my mother. She had a history of blood pressure. When she was hospitalized due to heart attack, the insurance covered that.

    You can look at Atlas America insurance at https://www.insubuy.com/atlasamerica-insurance/
    This is not a legal advice. Use at your own risk.


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      Atlas Travel insurance is a good option for an insurer. I have read many good reviews about it. But take it your own risk.