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Help regarding which insurance to buy for parents traveling to USA

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  • insubuy
    I suggest you read for details on how acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage works.

    Unfortunately, too many people wait until they are already sick and then buy visitors insurance. When the insurance company correctly denies the claim, they write inaccurate reviews that the insurance company didn't cover.

    Sometimes, people are looking for routine maintenance of pre-existing conditions such as insulin for diabetes, kidney dialysis, arthritis pain management and so on. Such matters are excluded under acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

    Therefore, as long as the person has acute onset of pre-existing conditions, they would be covered in various plans listed at

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  • Help regarding which insurance to buy for parents traveling to USA

    Hi All, I'm confused between all the options for buying traveling insurance with coverage for Pre-existing conditions (PED). My father has diabetes and heard medical condition. Most of the insurances I searched are offering coverage for acute onset of PED but have policy maximum benefits as high as $300k or higher. From what I read about these type of insurances is that >90% of the cases they deny coverage for PED saying it doesn't qualify as acute onset. This worries me. A friend of mine has suggested another insurance (*****.org) who seem to be the only one I came across that offer coverage for PED without limiting to acute onset but they have a $1,500 deductible and policy max benefit of only $25k for PED. That is too less to cover anything if hospitalized due to PED. Now I'm really confused. Should I buy insurances that cover acute onset of PED but have a higher policy coverage or buy *****.org insurance with no acute onset limitations but very meager coverage for PED? If anybody has experience with such situations then I could use from your experience.

    Thanks a lot in advance.