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  • travel/medical insurance for USA and Germany

    Hello insubuy,

    My parents are visiting me here in the USA for a couple of months and also visiting Germany for 3 weeks on their way back to India. I am looking for an insurance that covers both USA and Germany stay. I did speak to Lan (on the toll-free line) ... she was kind enough to explain various options to me, but am still confused because I need proof of insurance to apply for a schengen visa, and you suggest to buy one with $0 deductible.

    I have two options here:

    1. Buying a comprehensive plan with coverage area "International including USA". I was told this would cover both countries, but turns out to be expensive for $0 deductible option.
    2. Buying two separate plans - one covering USA only and one schengen only. Some travel agents in India tell me that this is not "acceptable" since it is a single trip and so need to buy one plan covering USA & Germany. I don't know if this is not acceptable by the insurance provider OR the German consulate. Can the visa be rejected if I go with this option?

    The second option gives me the freedom of buying a plan with higher deductible for USA and $0 deductible for schengen. Please suggest what is best? Are the travel agents in India right?

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    No one can tell you what the consulate requires except for the consulate. People can speculate but it's not going to be 100%. What i would suggest is you purchase separate plans and take them to the consulate.
    This is my opinion not legal advice.


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      Travel agents in India are absolutely wrong. They have no official knowledge or expertise on how the healthcare system or insurance works in Germany or in USA. In fact, they are not even licensed to sell insurance or give insurance advice. You should only use them for buying tickets. Do you buy car insurance from car dealer?

      You can either purchase a single insurance for the entire trip or you can purchase separate insurance plans, one for USA and another for Germany with $0 deductible. Each country does not care about the insurance for your stay in a different country.

      For USA or USA + Germany:

      For Germany:

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