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Need Guidance, To Deal With Coris Insurance

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  • Need Guidance, To Deal With Coris Insurance

    My Brother & his family just moved 5 weeks back to USA on Green card. just to be on safer side we took his insurance via CORIS HERITAGE. After coming to USA, he was not feeling well for almost 2-3 weeks as his SS Number was in process we could not initiate any local insurance coverage but CORIS insurance was valid so we were relaxed. Initially we thought it might be due to Weather change so we did not paid much attention but even after 3 weeks he was complaining about it, so we thought to visit doctor. We were not prepared for any unexpected report as he was medically diagnosed in India Mumbai by US Embassy as the part of Immigration process, just before coming to India. His all reports were normal.

    Result of his medical examination in USA was shocking for our family. He got diagnosed for LUEKEMIA (BLOOD CANCER) in very early stage. That was more shocking for his 24 year old wife and 1.5 year old Kid. Doctors said we were lucky to know about this very early stage. We had to go for immediate treatment. Which is real real expensive in USA compare to India? Our Hospital has send all documents to CORIS MIAMI, USA. They are going to reject the claim as per our verbal communication. I guess reason will be Pre-Existing conditions. But He was perfectly fine and we have his reports just before leaving India which were diagnosed by US embassy, MUMBAI. Affording treatment to blood cancer in USA is out of our financial capacity and taking him back to India is very dangerous and he is already under treatment and very perceptive to infection at this stage. They do not recommend him to take even out of his room and we all have wear mask in his room. So taking him back to India means simply take him to death.

    I really need any one of yours help to find out, how can I convince them for claim or any other way? As per my last talk with CORIS they have sent documents to India office and they will issue me Denial letter in 2-3 days. No one out there listen to us. As claim is going to be large in $$ so they should reject it?? Does that mean there is nothing like insurance in this world as every thing can be justified as pre-existing condition. In our case my brother’s blood reports as totally normal just month back we were celibration his arrival in USA. Did not expect the shock of this kind ever in life.

    If any of you have any suggestion which can guide me than please spare 2-3 min and reply me.

    Thanking you

    Jignesh Patel

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    I am sorry to hear this.

    Unfortunately, if the insurance company is denying the claims, and if he is not in the condition to go back to India, that is very tough situation.

    I sympathise with you and I completely understand what you are going through as I have faced very similar situation myself in past.
    Thanks & Regards
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