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Bajaj Allianz Wont pay my dads bill

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  • Bajaj Allianz Wont pay my dads bill


    My parents came to USA on a 6month visit and took medical insurance from Bajaj Allianz.

    My father had a heart attack and was treated at the hospital. The total bill is $32000.

    the insurance says its a pre-existing case. as my dad had high BP from 4 years.they said the heart attack is caused becoz of High BP. The doctors here in USA are not sure what caused the heart attack, but these insurace people found a reason not to pay the bill.

    One mistake we did was, we didnot put High BP as a medical condition while buying insurance, as we thought its not a medical condition like daibetes or something. even the agent advised not to worry. now bajaj says you didnot mention High BP, so its initial contract breach.

    The bill collectors are behind me asking about the bill and my parents whereabouts.
    My parents went back to india and talking to bajaj allianz, but they dont what to pay.


    1. Is there a forum or something in india which decides these cases and teach a lesson to headstrong insurance companies, who want premiums but dont want to pay bills.

    2. Does bill collectors in USA, force me to pay.

    3. Is my credit history goint to be effected, i have NOT signed any thing saying i will pay the bill if insurance wont.

    Please help me with your suggestions, i am not sure where to go

    thanks in advance

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    Can someone please explain me why are people still buying visitor medical insurance from India? Is it worth anything?