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$2500 deductible question-- please help

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  • $2500 deductible question-- please help

    If I buy IMG Protection America w/ a $2500 deductible, would I have to pay the deductible for visiting an in-network doc for the first time (for consultation/ flu shots ,minor ailments) or is the deductible only for serious things like surgery/hospital admission?

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    Deductible is for everything. You have to satisfy the deductible before insurance company will start paying anything. You have to pay the deductible even for dr. office visits.

    Short term plans work differently than long term plans (usually through an employer) where you pay co-pay for dr. visit and deductible is only for major things. Even if you are US citizen and between jobs, and looking for shor term insurance (such Blue Cross, Fortis, HPA etc.), you have to first pay the deductible, then usually 80/20 for first $5,000 and after that 100% up to the policy maximum. Pretty much same concept in Protection America as well (or other comprehensive coverage plans on our website.)
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