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  • purchasing visitor's insurance in US

    I am visiting Detroit USA along with my wife from 13Th APR 2007 to 1st June 2007(i month and 20 days).I will be visiting near by places in US and also Canada.I need a reliable insurance company's cover for the
    period .After going through the experiences of people in the website(,I have decided to ask my son who is in Detroit to purchase the insurance from an US company.Please let me know the following:
    1.Can my son purchase the insurance on our behalf?(using his debit card).What is the procedure?Does he need to declare for anything on our behalf?if yes,what is it?
    2.How long will it take for him to get the policy document at his address in US?
    3.How can we get a valid document for use on the way during journey?
    4.In view of the short duration of our visit and also the health condition of myself and my wife, i don't expect any health problem.Hence i would like to go for a higher deductible($2500)so that the premium will be less.However, i would like to have the cover for $100000/-for both of us as a precaution in case something unexpected happens.Where as $2500/- is a risk we can absorb the same is not possible for $1 lac.Please let me know if i am right.
    I am very happy to learn that as a insurance advisor you are caring more to the insured than the insurer(company).A company can take a $1 lac expenditure while it could be dis*****us for an individual.While i agree that no body should be allowed to take advantage of a travel insurance to get treatment for an existing disease (no insurer can afford that)at the same time the insurers should not try to avoid claims giving some reason.I find that many unreliable insurers are after business but do not want to come to the rescue of policy holders who had no intention of misuse of cover but had only taken the insurance for an unexpected event.For example denying claim for a so called pre-existing condition even when the latter was not expected for sure to result in a claim to arise during the period of cover.I don't know what is the real situation but if it is true it is very unfair.No applicant for insurance should be expected to give guarantee to the insurance company that nothing will happen.Please let me know what is the reality under such circumstance.This i am asking only with a concern for genuine policy holders who are entitled for value for their investment in medical insurance.

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    Thank you for your interest in purchasing insurance through us.
    Here are the answers for your questions,
    1. Yes, your son can purchase insurance on behalf of you.
    He can use his credit card. and either he can purchase it online
    or we can process the app. over the phone. Required documents
    are the name, date of birth and passport numbers.
    2. Your son will receive confirmation by e-mail and next business day
    insurance card will be mailed by regular mail, so within 5-7days he will
    receive the card.
    3. Your son can send you e-mail confirmation. It will have link to print
    ID cards.
    4. Please let me know yours and your wife's age.
    You are right. You can take higher ded, and take higher coverage.
    As a broker we work for you, not for some perticular insurance company.
    So if you have any problem, you can contact us.
    If you have any other questions, please let me know.
    If you want, you can ask your son to call us.
    Thanks & Regards
    Toll Free: (866) INSUBUY
    Local: (972) 985-4400
    Fax: (972) 767-4470


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      Hello Mr.Narendra,
      Thank you for your quick and prompt response.My age is 60 and my wife's age is 50.I am yet to decide on the amount of coverage and the plan to be selected.This i will do after consulting my son and looking at all the options available.I think a $100000/-cover for both of us should be OK.I find the premium for the same will be $422.80 and $375.90 for Protection America and Patriot America respectively for the period of cover(i month & 20 days)for $2500 deductible.Now,While Protection America has the advantage of renewal in case of need(this may not arise)same is not possible for Patriot America as the initial period of cover is less than 3 months.Am i right?
      Further you have not commented fully on the attitude of US companies with regard to settlement of claims in case of need which i have mentioned in the last paragraph.This is very important in choosing them in preference to an Indian company whose premium for the same cover is very cheap.Kindly let me know the same.
      Thanks & Regards,


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        1. Your understanding of protection america vs.
        patriot america is correct. Please read
        to understand all the differences between those 2
        2. It is certainly advisable to buy insurance from US
        companies. Please read
        to understand more about it. It is described in detail
        We represent only reputed and well-known companies who
        have good claims settlement history.
        I hope this answers all your questions.
        If you have any further questions, please feel free to
        contact us at any time.
        Thanks & Regards
        Toll Free: (866) INSUBUY
        Local: (972) 985-4400
        Fax: (972) 767-4470


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          Hello Mr. Narendra,
          I find the main difference between fixed plans and comprehensive plans ,is that a fixed plan has a definite amount fixed for each type of claims that may arise eg:doctor's fee,room rent etc where as a comprehensive plan allows policy maximum for each type of claim.Please let me know whether this means the cover in the comprehensive plan is policy maximum for each type of claim.That means total cover could exceed policy maximum when put together or the overall cover is policy maximum without restrictions for individual type.Please let me know the correct position.
          NARENDRA>> Overall cover is up to policy maximum without restrictions for individual type.
          I think "protection America"with $2500/- deductible, suites my requirement the best for reasons i already informed you.But, "inbound USA" appears to be good from the following point of view.
          1.I get $1,00,000/- cover for a lesser premium with deductible $100/-.So,this may be more useful as the likely hood of some minor indisposition and not a major health problem occurring during the short stay(51days)is more in which case loosing money from pocket to the extent of $3500(deductible+coinsurance) can be avoided.But, this again is something i can afford and it may be better to have a comprehensive plan like protection America for higher deductible.
          NARENDRA>>> Inbound USA is a fixed coverage. It does not have any coinsurance. You will have to pay all the amount beyond fixed coverages in that plans. You should buy comprehensive.
          Secondly, does inbound America cover only USA? We have plans to visit Canada for a few days.
          NARENDRA>>> As long as your primary destination is USA, it would cover in Canada for few days like going to Niagara Falls etc.

          What is the clause regarding non availability of cover in the state of Florida.Suppose we visit Florida,is the cover not available if a claim arises while we are there? I think the restriction is only for getting cover in case my son is a resident of Florida and the restriction is because of IMG not being permitted to do business in the state of Florida.My son is residing in Detroit and hence this may not apply.
          NARENDRA>>> If you are just visiting Florida for few days, you would be covered. If your son were staying in FL and if he tried to purchase, he could not buy IMG products.
          If my son purchases the insurance on line through your website will it be considered as done through you? We would like to have it done through you so that we can seek your help in case a need arises.
          NARENDRA>> As long as you buy the insurance from our web site,, it would be considered done through me.

          Can i fill the on line application till the payment stage and ask my son to complete the payment process?This is because the data/documents are with me.
          NARENDRA>>> Yes.
          Can my son sign on our behalf in the on line application?
          NARENDRA>>> Yes.
          Does this not cause any problems as to the validity of the contract?
          NARENDRA>>> No problem.
          Please reply immediately as i would like to finish this work in time.
          NARENDRA>>> Ok
          Thanks & Regards
          Toll Free: (866) INSUBUY
          Local: (972) 985-4400
          Fax: (972) 767-4470