I live in Norcross, GA. I am Inviting my in-laws from india to stay with me for a span of 6 months. I am hunting for a good insurance policy which shall make their stay a pleasent one. So i have following questions. Any info shall be helpful.

My In-laws are in good health as per their age. I am only worried about untoward incidents like accidents etc. So let me know what kind of insurance is suitable for them
Narendra>>> You should always buy comprehensive coverage plan.
Should i buy the insurance before they land or can i buy it after.
Narendra >> It is better to purchase before they come here and make the effective date one day in advance of their travel date so that they are coverage during travel as well.
Can i buy the insurance on a month to month basis. It will be helpful if they decide to go back earlier.
Narendra>>> You can buy some plans on month by month basis. e.g., Atlas America.
If i can buy the insurance after they land can I buy the same for last three months of their stay.
Narendra>>> Yes.
What are the payment options avaiable.
Narendra >>> All major credit or debit cards.
How can i renew if i am on month to month basis.
Narendra >>> Yes, many plans like Atlas America.
What are the claim procedures.
Narendra >>> Read https://www.insubuy.com/hccmis-ppo-network/
I would prefer a high deductible and a coverage of $100,000 per person.
Narendra >> That's fine. You can take $1,000 or $2,500 deductible.
My father-in-law is 62 years old and mother-in-law is 58 years old.
Narendra >>> You can get the quotes online at https://www.insubuy.com/atlas-america/