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  • Sports activities coverage

    good morning,
    i'm an italian girl and i'm interested in your insurance but i would need some information about sport activities coverage (both with the basic insurance and with the Leisure Sports Rider). what about if i'm injured:

    1) while making jogging around a park
    2) while playing volleyball with my friends during a bbq
    3) while playing volleyball during a competition

    in which cases am i covered? by the basic insurance or by the the leisure sports rider?

    thank you

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    The first two are not excluded, since they are casual games. #3, a volleyball competition would be excluded under the travel medical plans even with an extreme sports rider because it’s an organized sport.
    But, for # 3, IF the sport is NOT Collegiate, Professional, or Olympic -- they can purchase a standalone Patriot Extreme plan and have coverage for #3.
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