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  • Confused about insurance

    Narendra and others, can you please answer following questions? I am spending so much time on finalising the insurance!

    1. Comparison between Patriot America vs. Protection America: Patriot is cheaper but has it some disadvantages wrt Protection?

    2. What is the optimum coverage? These two are available for 100K or 500K after that, which once is considered decent and sufficient amount? Also, how much deductible is appropriate?

    3. My parents are travelling from 30th Aug - 18th Sept, in order to cover their travel also, shoudl I change these dates to Indian dates and see when does travel start and end in India and take insurance for those dates?

    4. What all is covered in coverage for Travel?


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    Patriot America must be purchased for minimum 3 months (and paid upfront) in order to be able to renew in future.
    Protection Ameica can be purchased for minimum 5 days and can be renewed for minimum 5 days.
    When comparing Patriot America with 90/10 coinsurance option in Protection America, they are identical in all other aspects.

    2. There is no absolute answer to this.
    I would recommend buying at least $100,000 as I have seen the bills going well beyond $50,000 many times. If possible, buy $500,000.

    Deductible is more like a personal choice.
    Some people think that even if they need to go to doctor once, having lower deductible would be helpful.
    Some people think that their parents are healthy and most likely nothing will happen. If some problem arises, they can handle it themselves and need insurance for big problems. They choose higher deductible.

    Having said that, $250 is the most commonly chosen deductible and I would not recommned anything higher than $1000 deductible.

    3. In order to cover during travel as well, you should put the effective date one day in advance of the travel date, as the coverage is according to US eastern time. Most of the flights leave India early morning between 1 and 3 AM, and at that time, it is still a previous day here on US East coast.

    4. Whatever is covered while you are in US plus lost baggage. e.g., medical, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remain etc.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at any time or post them here.
    Thanks & Regards
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