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  • Insurance Problem

    When I was in USA couple of years back, my parents came to visit my family. During that time my mom fell ill with fever within a week she arrived in US and she was hospitalised. I had bought a insurance in US. She then recovered and left the hospital. But the insurance company rejected my claim and refused to pay the hospital saying my mom got the fever even before she came to US. So, hospital was asking me to pay the amount. But, my parents left US during that time.

    Hospital gave my name to some collection agent and they were after me. But I had to leave US before I can settle this thing as my project was over. After that I didnt hear anything from the collection agent.

    Now my sister wants to invite my parents to US and we are in a dilemma whether there will be any issue / problem for my parents from the collection agent / hospital.

    Will they be able to track my parents entry into USA. Pls let me know. If there is any problem I will ask them not to travel to USA. How many year will it take for these collection agent / hospital to stop looking for them.

    I know it is not ethical, but the amount the hospital was asking was too much for 3-4 days of stay. In fact the insurance cover shld have paid for it, but they refused to pay.

    Pls let me know and thanks in advance.