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  • Huge Medical Bills

    Can anyone help me out . Provide me guidence or show some light of my issue. I took WorldMed Insurance for my father.He is 71. He got his first stroke 10 years ago when he was in India . He got his econd stroke here in U.S. and he was in the hospital for a month. I got bill for nearly 80,000 $ from hospital. The insurance has denied all services stating that they cannot pay for preexisting condition.
    All bills come in my father's name. Since, we have given our India address and number, it will not be difficult for hopital to contact my father. I don't want my father to get into trouble.Can anyone say me how to reduce the above amount. I don't want to cheat anyone or get cheated. I want to be fair.However, I cannot afford to pay 80,000 as I am not that rich.Pls. provide me options to reduce the bill amount and how should I do that.Some say, I should hire an attorney.I am really confused now.Any help will really help me out .
    Thanks in advance

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    Everything I am writing below is based on what you have written in your post. I don't know your name, policy number or any details about your claim or whether you purchased it from us or not.

    I believe that insurance company has appropriately denied the claim because of pre-existing condition.

    Having a heart attack 10 years ago was an acute condition of heart disease that he continuously has all the time. He still had the heart disease at the time of effective date of insurance. And he had another acute condition of heart disease (heart attack) again. Therefore, it would definitely be considered pre-existing condition, according to the definition of any visitors medical insurance.

    It would be best to try to negotiate the amount with the billing department of the hospital and pay it off to the extent you can.

    I don't believe hiring an attorney would help because, I believe, insurance company has processed the claim correctly.
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