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Visitor met with an accident and not having insurance

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  • Visitor met with an accident and not having insurance

    Hello There,

    I am writing this thread to help out my colleague going through a very complicated situation.

    His parents arrived to USA on visitor visa and were staying here since last 1 and half month. He did not insured his parents.

    4 days back his father met with a serious accident and got admited into a hospital. His father is still unconscious and doctors have told it might even take

    months for him to come into cinsciousness due to severe head injury.

    Patient can not travel back to India as his ribs are broken (even through he recovers from unconciousness).

    Cops claimed that it was drivers mistake and he has to pay hospital bill from his own insurance. However, insurance company told that driver had insurance

    only upto 15000 dollars and they can pay upto that only.

    Is there any way, where NJ state or USA government can help him to get through this trouble. As hospital bill might mount up to 100K.

    Any thoughts or opinion in this regards will help us to fix this issue.


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    Thank you for your call and the trust you put in me in helping you out.

    As I stated, unfortunately, if the car insurance of the party at fault was only $15,000, that is what the insurance company would pay and no more. It would be up to your friend to sue the car driver at fault to see if he has any other assets or property that could be used to pay for the bills. In absence of that, I am not aware of any other way to get money out of him.

    I don't think that the government would be of any help regarding this.

    Such incidents are very unfortunate and it deeply hurts to know that someone is in such situation. However, this should remind everyone to buy visitors insurance (Available at https://www.insubuy.com) if their parents, in-laws or other relatives are visiting United States, even if they are healthy or even if they have pre-existing conditions that are not going to be covered by visitors insurance. Visitors insurance would have been very helpful in this situation, had your friend purchased it earlier for his parents.

    If there is anything else I could do for you, please feel free to contact me at any time.
    Thanks & Regards
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