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Coverage for extended stay!

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  • Coverage for extended stay!

    My father-in-law was taken ill and underwent a surgery. Since he hasn't fully recovered, we had to apply for extension of his stay by 45 days.

    I contacted the insurance provider (in India) to extend the coverge by 45 more days. The insurnace company is willing to provide extension, but with exclusion of the recent sickness conditions. However my father in law may have to undergo follo-up checkups in his extended stay.

    Any advise/comments/experiences?

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    If you had purchased insurance from US company, plans such as Liaison International or Inbound USA from SRI or Visitors Care from IMG, and purchased at least for 3 months, (1 month for Liaison) you would have been able to renew the plan and problems that occured during previous policy period would not have been a problem.

    If insurance company in India is willing to sell you again for 45 days but with exclusion, that is not true renewal. That is rewriting the policy.

    Unfortunately, no other insurance company will give you new coverage that will include your dad's problems as it will be considered pre-existing conditions and not covered.

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      damnezuser, can you name the Indian insurance provider please?


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        It's not Bajaj Allianz.

        I will post my experiences with my current visitor insurnace provider, once I get out of the situation.