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  • Chola insurance

    Hi Narendra/Jagruti,

    We talked about Chola insurance and you had suggested I send you a scanned copy of the policy. Once you had a chance to go over the attached PDF, can we discuss? I spoke with the sales person in Mumbai and from the way he describes it, it sounds like a plan close to comprehensive plan with some differences.

    1. The coverage like a comprehensive plan does limit by procedure but by the total amount of insurance. For example, visitor breaks bones and incurs $5000 expense. Beyond deductible, the rest would be picked up by insurance.

    2. Important difference is that the payment for OPD is to be done in India. But for hospitalization, it is direct from insurer. So, it is not have the convenience of a PPO like coverage that the comprehensive plan does.
    I am interested in your opinion given your experience in the industry.


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    Unfortunately, we are unable to make any comments on the specifics of the foreign country insurance policies that we don't offer. There may be many factors that we are simply not aware of in those policies even after reading the policy, as it may be subject to their interpretation, or things may not work in practical world as described.

    We always reccommend it is preferable to purchase the insurance from the U.S. based company.

    I suggest that you read https://www.insubuy.com/visitors-ins...ia-comparison/, accordingly ask them questions, verify your concerns independently and make a decision. e.g., check with your local hospital whether they would directly bill the insurance company in India.

    If you would like to consider purchasing any of the insurance plans that we offer, we would be glad to go over them with you and help you select the right one.
    Thanks & Regards
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