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Questions regarding Visistors Insurance and Atlas Insurance plan

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  • Questions regarding Visistors Insurance and Atlas Insurance plan

    Plan- Visitors' care plan

    I am considering buying insurance Plan (Visitor's care plan) for my parents (non-US citizens, age group -65=69). Questions-

    1. Visit to general practitioners office- does it come under 'outpatienct treatment'?

    2. If a patient needs to go for MRI, is it covered under the plan?

    If I select 'Atlas America' comprehensive plan, what are the exclusions for 'Accute Onset of Pre-existing Conditions'?

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    Which plan are you planning to purchase. Atlas America or Visitors Care.

    Visitors Care doesn't cover pre-existing conditons.
    Atlas Ameica covers only incase of acute onset of pre-exising conditions under age 69.

    1. Yes. Plan pays for any new sickness or injuries after the effective date. It does not cover any preventive care and pre-exising conditons.

    2. It will cover whatever treatment medically necessary as long as it's not pre-existing conditions and any preventive care.

    Link for Atlas America brochure and instant purchase,
    Atlas America Insurance - Best Visitors insurance for foreign nationals visiting United States. Ideal if your parents or in-laws are visiting you.

    Link for Visitors CAre brochure and instant purchase,
    Visitors Care Insurance - Visitors Insurance for Parents and Relatives Visiting USA. Visitors Care is underwritten by SiriusPoint Specialty Insurance Corporation. Visitors Care is administered by International Medical Group. Visitors Care is suitable for persons temporarily residing or traveling outside their home country. Instant quotes, side by side comparison and instant purchase.

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