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Visitors to the USA - insurance coverage

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  • insubuy

    There is no plans that will cover any pre-existing condition or any illness or medication related to a pre-existing condition. The plans will only cover new illnesses and accidents that occur after the effective date.

    Please see the below link:

    Visitors Insurance and Pre-existing conditions

    If you have any further questions please feel free to call.

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    started a topic Visitors to the USA - insurance coverage

    Visitors to the USA - insurance coverage


    I have tried to get an estimate to insure myself and my husband, for our future trips
    to the US. but unfortunately I was not able to get any offer or estimate through your site.

    We are both 75 years old (will be 76 end of 2010). My husband suffers from several illnesses
    but I understand that everything is covered? No exceptions?

    We want the maximal coverage, i.e. hospital fees, doctor visits, medication, any necessary procedures like surgery, x-rays, blood tests etc.

    I would like to know a month by month premium we will have to pay for both of us and what does it cover and what not, and if we have to pay
    anything extra like a fixed fee for a doctor's visit, medication etc. Is there a time limit? (Length of stay in the US)

    I would appreciate your reply.