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Irrelevant Hospital Bill Help!!!!

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  • Irrelevant Hospital Bill Help!!!!

    My Mom visited me last month. During her stay she got cough and cold and also a little breathing problem. One night she would not respond to me (Coz she had a sleeping pill) and had breathing problem. I called 911. ( She was medically ok but I got scared because I thought she could not breathe and totally forgot that she had a sleeping pill).
    911 responded and told me that she is ok and then took us to Hospital. There we told that she had taken a sleeping pill. The doctors in the ER did all the procedures to check if she was ok ( Yes she was ok !!!). We were discharged in less than 2 hours.

    Now I get Bill from
    Ambulance (ok)
    ER (ok)
    CT scan < 170 (ok)
    Consumables during her stay there < 70 (ok)
    A heavy bill from Hospital > $5000
    I called the hospital to inquire about the bill. They told me that they did lab work and hence the amount . I am still puzzled as to how? She was in the Hospital's ER and we already got the bill from the ER. We did not stay in any room. We were just in a room the ER for not more than 2 hours. My mother carries an insurance from India and we want to pay everything but the hospital bill. I just heard from people that hospitals usually do this.Any inputs?
    Thank You
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    I don't think it is an irrelevant bill. The bill you are seeing from the hospital is for ER. It seems like a relevant bill. I suggest that you pay it. If you still think that the bill is irrelevant, only option I see is to argue with the hospital about it.

    I suggest that you buy the insurance from the U.S. It has many advantages. More details at Visitors Insurance from USA vs India Among them, one advantage is that in-network hospitals will only charge the network negotiated fees in the comprehensive coverage plans. Therefore, if the bill is too high or unreasonable, they can negotiate to bring it down. You don't have that advantage most of the times if you bought from foreign companies.
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