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Dad in Hospital :( scared of the consequences Please help

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  • Dad in Hospital :( scared of the consequences Please help


    My parents came here 3 weeks back and since monday my father is hospitalised. He had severe cough and fever and they are treating him for pneumonia. He is in the hospital for the last 5days. We have taken a Patriot America comprehensive plan. Still we are worried about the coverage etc.... as we are not aware of any practical experiences.

    As everyone knows, pre-existing conditions are not covered. We dont even have a rough idea about the approximate expenses. Can somebody please help?

    If anybody has gone through hospitalisation etc.. here, what would be the average bill in a situations like this?


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    There is no real way to tell what an average expense for treatment will be because it will depend upon the situation and what type of care is required.


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      yeah I know, but the hospital wont say anything about the bills. What to do? Is there any way to find out?


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        Also you will want to contact the claims department for the insurance you have to begin the claims process. Also, this will allow you to understand what coverage applies if any.


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          Unfortunately, in the U.S., the hospital bills are the most unpredictable matter and all the healthcare provider keep it "secret, secret" until the actual bills come to you.

          Therefore, there is really no way for anyone else to tell you or give you an idea or estimate.

          The best thing I can suggest is the keep following up with the hospital. Whatever details they give is the best detail you will have of the bills.

          As sooner88 pointed out, you should call the claims department (phone number on your insurance card) and start following up immediately, if you have already not done so.
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            ok friends thanks for your responses, will try to talk to the hospital and the insurance