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US and Non-US citizens visiting US - Travel Insurance??

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  • US and Non-US citizens visiting US - Travel Insurance??

    Hello, I am a Non-US citizen and visiting US for about 1 month with my 2 children. One of the children is a US citizen and other is Non-US citizen. Can you please let me know if I can purchase the insurance together for the 3 of us or I need to buy separately for my omegle xender US citizen child? If I can buy it together, should I select "Non-US Citizen" or "US citizen" in the drop-down on your website? Thanks & Regards,
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    I am assuming you all permanently reside outside the US and are just visiting the US for a vacation
    In this case, you may buy travel insurance for all 3 in the same country where you are residing. Status can be chosen as "non us citizen" for all three of you.
    Which country are you coming from ?
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      Can someone recommend a reliable insurance program?‚Äč


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        As a visitor into the United States there is a plan called Patriot America Plus: https://www.insubuy.com/patriot-america-plus-insurance/ that will provide coverage for a U.S. citizen that resides outside of the United States visiting for a short period. You can have this plan as well, you would just need to complete 2 applications. One for the U.S. citizens and on for the non U.S. citizen.

        This plan will provide coverage for new accidents or illnesses that happen after the effective date. So you and your family can relax and enjoy your visit.

        I hope this helps!