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    If I purchase a fixed purchase policy for a relative that has diabetes as a pre-existing condition, will it cover doctor vists for check-ups, and periodic lab-tests ? I know this is considered Pre-existing conditions, but does that mean it doesn't cover diagnostic procedures such as blood sugar testing, check-up visits etc.


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    No. Anything related to pre-existing condition will not be covered - neither by the 'fixed' coverage insurance nor by the 'comprehensive' coverage insurance.

    You can get a "blood glucose testing kit" over the counter (without prescription) in the pharmacies. You can get the kit and test strips for as low as $50 (kit=$20 and strips=$25 to $30). He has to bring enough medicines from India. Other than these, there are no checkups needed on a monthly or quarterly basis. Usually diabetic patients go for A1C tests once every 6 months, eye test once every year. He can get all the "necessary" tests done before his travel in India and that should be enough.

    Make sure he brings enough supply of medicines. You can NOT get medicines in this country without a prescription.


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      Thanks !

      Thanks for the info, mk1980