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BP Patient w/ sudden onsets + Question for all.

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  • BP Patient w/ sudden onsets + Question for all.


    My mother is ~60 years old, has a history of BP. While this can probably be controlled with her medicines that we bring from India, my question is around sudden onset of symptoms.

    Around once a month, her BP soars very high and we have to rush her to the hospital emergency. Honestly, at that point we dont know for sure if its safe - it might as well be life threatening - we hope not.

    Can someone tell me, if this sudden onset will be covered by the insurance?

    If not, guys - how do you deal with such things with your parents? What are our options in that case, besides leaving parents back home to struggle with their illness. I want to post another thread on this question - I hear people move to other countries like Canada?
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    If some medical condition occurs routinely, it is not covered by any visitors insurance plan, anywhere, as it is foreseen and clearly a loss for any company to cover it.

    You will have to pay the expenses out of your pocket. There is no other way to deal with it. Of course, not inviting them to the U.S. would be another option. This is a problem everyone faces, including myself.

    Considering moving to Canada might be one of the options, if that is possible for someone.
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      Ok. Thanks for confirming that it isn't going to work out.