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Wanting to buy insurance for wife while waiting for I-485

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  • Wanting to buy insurance for wife while waiting for I-485

    My wife has been in the US for two years. I have had her on my insurance through my work almost the whole time she's been here, however my insurance went up drastically this year, and next year for 2023 it's going up even more. It will be costing $550/month for our insurance and we're in the cheapest plan through my job.

    When she first got here we had her on a travelers insurance which was about $150 a month, which was more expensive than what I could get through my job originally.

    I'm not sure if it's possible, since she has been here over two years already, but is there a travelers insurance we can get her again while she's here in the US waiting for the immigration process to finish?

    The insurance through my job is costing so much that I am considering taking up a lower paying job in exchange for cheaper insurance.‚Äč

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    Because she is eligible for domestic insurance, that would make her ineligible for any type of travelers insurance.