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When to Buy Insurance? Before or After Arrival

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  • insubuy
    It is not a requirement to buy insurance before she arrives into US.

    You can buy even after she arrives here.

    However, it is recommended that you buy insurance before she starts her travel, and put effective date one day in advance so that she is covered during travel time as well.

    If you are worried about the duration of I-94 she may get at port of entry, you need not worry, as we very rarely get any customers who got less than what the asked for. And if that happens, many plans give you refund, or even better, you can buy the plan that is renewable.

    If you have any further questions, please post them or contact us at 1-866-INSU-BUY.

    (866) INSU-BUY x112

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  • rajan
    started a topic When to Buy Insurance? Before or After Arrival

    When to Buy Insurance? Before or After Arrival

    I wanted to know if I can buy insurance for my mother after she arrives here?

    Or is there a requirment at POE to show health insurance (I had indicated health insurance coverage in affidavit of support) in which case I will buy it now and send it to my mother for her to carry it during her travel and entry to US.

    Thanks for the clarification.