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    Hello all,

    My mother (53 yrs) will be coming to the US in may and staying for about 2 months.

    She has BP (moderate) and is on medication for the same.

    Just to make sure that things are fine with her, she got a complete check up done including for artery-blockage. The doctor has given her a clean report and has stated that she does NOT have any medical complications.

    Now that we have a doctor's certificate, will it make any difference for pre-existing conditions? She is over-all very healthy and active.

    Please help me choose a medical insurance.

    Thanks, Roopa

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    If your mother gets sick in US and goes to the doctor, depending upon the examination he does, tests he asks you to get done, whatever treatment he does, based on all of that, he will send attending physician report along with the medical reocords to the insurance company's claims department. Based on all that, insurance company's claim department will determine whether something is pre-existing conditions or not, who also have doctors on staff in case needed.

    In case of any dispute or confusion later, that doctor's report from India may be helpful to convince insurance company but not final decision making authority.

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