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Parents Diabetic on Insulin

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  • Parents Diabetic on Insulin

    I had two questions about my parents upcoming visit:
    Background: My parents aged 61 and 55 will be shortly coming to US for a period of 6 months. Both of then have diabetes and take insulin shots twice a day.
    1. I have read on this forum and everyone seems to be suggesting the protection america plan. But that does NOT cover the pre-existing condition which in my case is diabetes. Now does it even make sense for me to buy insurance because pretty much all the doctor's visits/illnes can be easily related to diabetes which in their case is a pre-existing condition and hence not covered.
    2. Can they carry their supply of insulin and syringe if they have their latest blood test reports and a doctor's certificate that they take that much dosage of insulin everyday.
    Thanx in advance

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    Let me answer second question first.

    2. You can legally bring enough supply of insulin from India to USA. You do not have to hide in the bag or anything like that. Just carry prescription/dr. certificate to be extra cautious.

    1. No plan from any company anywhere covers pre-existing conditions for visitors to USA.

    That does not mean that it does not make sense to buy insurance at all. Insurance is for future protection and it will generally cover any new sickness, diseases, accident or injury that may occur after the effective date of the policy. And it will be determined by insurance company's claims department based on the attending physician report, past and current medical records, exact circumstances and the treatment done.

    If it did not make sense for people with diabetes to buy insurance, we would not be in business at all, as at least half of the people that buy insurance from us have diabetes! More than half of the elderly people that visit USA from India (that we actually buy insurance from us) have diabetes.
    And combined with high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis etc, around 80% of our customers have pre-existing conditions.

    You may be worried about current situation but you never know what may happen tomorrow which is completely a new thing. Most common example would be injury or an accident.

    Therefore, it is still very important to purchase medical insurance for visitors to USA (and for that matter, anyone in USA.)

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