Once the SESA has completed this initial review process and the employer's requirements are approved, it directs the employer to place an advertisement in a publication which is likely to attract qualified U.S. workers. This advertisement should be either for 3 days in a local newspaper of general circulation(including a Sunday, for professional positions) or once in national newspaper or once in an issue of a journal that reaches persons seeking job opportunities in a particular occupation or profession. The SESA will suggest a publication in which the position should be advertised. They will also guide regarding the availability of space in the magazine/newspaper where it has to be advertised. The SESA will also open a job order with its Job Service describing this position.

The advertisement does not have the name of the employers, but applicants to the job advertisement are directed to send their resumes to a numbered file at the Department of Labor, which then forwards them to the employer or the attorney.

The employer should also post a Help Wanted notice describing the position in a conspicuous location at the employer's premises for at least 10 consecutive days, notifying existing employees of the job opportunity. The location should be such that potentially every employee in the company can see it. They could be places like mail delivery area, kitchen/fridge, notice board etc.
Sample Notice of Filing

Both the advertisement and local job notice must contain the job title, job salary, complete job description and the requirements needed to fill the position and they should be consistent with ETA 750 Part A. Because both the advertisement and the internal notice must comply precisely with the DOL's rigid format, lawyer's office will place the advertisement directly with the appropriate publication and send the employer a notice, which must be posted, at its place of business.