At Department of Labor(DOL)
Once the SESA completes the review of the recruitment results submission and the application in general, it sends the application along with the results submission and other supporting evidences to Regional Office of Department of Labor for final review and approval.

The certifying officer at Department of Labor may approve the application, request more information, or issue a "Notice of Findings" (NOF) that indicates defects in the application and provides the employer with a 35 day grace period to respond that might cause the DOL to reconsider. If the deadline expires and your employer does not respond, your denial is final.

If, upon receipt of the additional information, the DOL still denies certification, your employer may lodge a formal appeal by submitting a Notice of Appeal to the DOL. Notices of appeal will be referred to the Board of Alien Labor Certification Appeals(BALCA), BALCA was created to assure consistency in labor certification adjudications throughout the U.S. If an employer appeals a denial, BALCA will review the application for labor certification and may either affirm or reverse the denial or remand the case with instructions to the certifying officer. But normally BALCA supports the original DOL findings.

Your final legal appeal is to the United States District Court. You should do this only if have compelling case, lots of money and time.

If they approve the application, then they will issue a labor certification for the position and stamp an official seal upon the forms, certifying that no U.S. workers are available for this position.

If the labor certification denial decision is final, you can't apply for labor certification again within 6 months.