Job Location Change and Travel
Labor certification is for the job in future. Since the process of getting a greencard takes a long time, it is possible that some persons may need to move from one office location to another which may be in different metropolitan statistical area(may be in same state or in different state), the person would have to do the labor certificate again. It may not be necessary if the paperwork at the time of filing labor certificate itself states that the job opportunity is for any branch of the company and moving from time to time may be necessary as part of the job duties. For labor certifications where the alien will work in various locations throughout the U.S. that cannot be anticipated in advance, the application should be filed with the local employment services office having jurisdiction over the area in which the employer's headquarters or main office is located. Furthermore, the application should still indicate that the alien will be working at various unanticipated locations and include a brief statement explaining why it is not possible to determine the location of the work sites at the time the application is filed.

To avoid any problems, it is best to have a position which does not involve relocations. But it necessary to travel and work in different office locations, the employee should be the proper employee and not independent contractor like free lancer(Use of W-2s and NOT use of 1099s.)

Note that the if the person moves before getting the greencard but moves back to the same location from where the labor certification was filed, then new labor certificate would not be necessary.