Green Card Explanation
Once you receive your permanent resident card, you should make sure that all the information contained the green card is accurate.

Most of the information on the green card is self-explanatory. However, the last 3 lines at the bottom of the card are not easily readable. In that case, how would you make sure they are accurate? Please use the following information to decode those lines in your permanent resident card.

Sample Green Card

Line 1:
1-2: C1 or C2.
C1 = Resident within the United States
C2 = Permanent Resident Commuter (Living in Canada or Mexico)
3-5: USA.
Issuing country which is United States.
6-14: A# or alien number which is a nine digit number.
15: Check digit
16-30: Immigrant case number that resulted in the approved green card. If you see the symbol "<" in those characters, it means a blank space.

Line 2:
1-6: Date of birth in YY/MM/DD format
7: Check digit
8: Gender
9-14: Expiration date of the green card in YY/MM/DD format
15: Check digit
16-29: Country of birth
30: Check digit

Line 3:
Your last name, "<<", first name, middle name, first initial of father, first initial of mother. If your name itself is too long, parents' initials may be omitted.

If there is anything inaccurate, you should get your permanent resident card replaced. Replace Green Card.