Bona Fide Marriage Documentation for US Immigration Purposes

You must prove that your marriage is bona fide, not a sham just to get a green card. Collect and photocopy as many of the following items as possible. Do not send originals.
  • wedding invitations, church certificates, or other reliable documents that show the required relationship

  • joint bank accounts

  • joint credit card statements

  • joint club memberships

  • joint federal and state tax returns

  • copies of actual credit cards, health insurance cards, or other "joint" cards that you have together, showing same account number

  • photographs of you and your spouse taken before and during your marriage, wedding photographs preferably those that include parents and other relatives from both families

    If the camera does not insert the date automatically, write the date the picture was taken and a brief description on the back, or underneath, if you are photocopying them.

  • do not take wedding or other videos, there won't be any time or a space to view them

  • copies of letters and/or emails between you

  • phone bills showing your conversations

  • auto registrations showing joint ownership and/or addresses

  • rental agreements, leases, or mortgages showing that you have lived together and/or have leased or bought property in both spouses' names

  • receipts for gifts (such as flowers, jewelry, art, candy etc.) that you have purchased for each other

  • your mutual child's birth certificate or a doctor's report indicating that you are pregnant

  • hotel and airline receipts showing trips that you have taken together or to visit each other

  • letters from friends/family to each or both of you, mailed to an address where you were living together

  • utility bills in both your names

  • evidence that one spouse has made the other a beneficiary on his/her life or health insurance or retirement account

  • car, health, or life insurance that has both of your names on the policy

  • a car title or other titles to property showing joint ownership

  • copies of Christmas cards or other holidays cards addressed to you both

  • other family pictures of you together