Hotel Keeper’s Report for Foreigner Registration in India

  1. Every keeper of a hotel shall require every visitor to the hotel to furnish the particulars necessary for recording, and sign, on his arrival at the hotel, his name and nationality in a register maintained for the purpose in Hotel Register and, if any such visitor is a foreigner, shall further require him:
    1. on his arrival at such a hotel to furnish the other particulars specified in Items 4 to 10 of the said register; and

    2. At the time of his departure from such a hotel to furnish the particulars necessary for recording in the said register, the date and time of his departure, and the address to which he is proceeding.

  2. The prescribed Hotel Register shall at all times be made available for inspection, on the demand of the Registration Officer, to any magistrate or any police officer not below the rank of head constable.

  3. Every particular, other than the signature of the keeper of a hotel or a visitor, which is required to be recorded in the said register, shall be recorded by the keeper of the hotel in the English language or, otherwise, in an Indian language.

  4. It shall be the duty of the keeper of the hotel, if so requested, to explain to the visitor the requirements of doing the same.

  5. The keeper of the hotel shall, as soon as it may be, but not more than twenty-four hours after the arrival of any foreigner, transmit a copy of duly completed Form C to the Registration Officer. (Copies of Form C can be obtained, from any Registration Officer on application.)
    1. “Hotel” includes any boarding house, club, dak-bungalow, rest house, paying guest house, Sarai or other premises of like nature;

    2. “Keeper of a hotel” means the person having the management of a hotel, and includes any person authorized by the keeper and competent to perform the duties of the keeper of the hotel.

    3. “Sign” includes, in respect of a visitor who is unable to write, the making of a thumb impression or other mark by means of which he is accustomed to attesting a document; and

    4. “Visitor” means a person for whom accommodation is provided at a hotel.

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