How To Pack For International Business Trip: What To Take

how to pack for international business trip

During international business trips, stress is the last thing you need. Knowing how to pack for an international business trip can make your trip stress-free, and it can also help you concentrate on work.

One of the most crucial parts of a travel plan is knowing what to pack, and what to leave behind. So, let’s go over some essential business travel packing tips.

How To Pack For International Business Trip

Taking Only The Essential Tech

Try to pack only the bare necessities. A laptop or tablet and your phone should suffice for any international trip. You also won’t have to worry about charging a lot of devices.

Try to take a compact laptop with you when you travel. Do not carry a bulky laptop that will be hard to carry around.

Check if your backpack or briefcase has slots for devices. If you do not have space for storing electronics, get padded sleeves for your laptop or tablet. The sleeve will protect your device against impact damage.

Take backup chargers with you. Also, take international travel adapters to use with all of your chargers. You can use the space in your shoes to store the chargers and cables.

If you are an avid reader, leave your book behind. Instead, take a Kindle or other e-reader with you, or use the Kindle Mobile App. Then, you can read in the dark and save space.

Try to carry your files in a flash drive or in the cloud. You can always print them out after you arrive at your destination. Only take physical files if they are confidential. For example, suppose you plan to give out handouts during your meeting: either ship them or print them on arrival.

Keep A Minimalist Wardrobe

Keep your travel wardrobe as minimalistic as possible. One trick to a minimalist wardrobe is to pack so that one item matches with at least 3/4 of the rest. Pick shades of grey, black, blue, and neutral tones.

Try to pack only a single suit in case of a quick trip. You can pair jackets and cardigans with fresh shirts to create different outfits. Make it a point that you wear these at least twice.

Also, if you are going somewhere warm, remember to pack a swimsuit. It does not take up too much space, and you never know when you might need one.

Check the weather forecast before you pack. Make sure your wardrobe applies to the weather of your destination. You do not want to pack summer clothes for a chilly climate.  

When packing for international business trips, always buy some packing cubes to compartmentalize your luggage. Then, use the roll-and-compress method to pack your clothes. Also, pack a compact umbrella just in case.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Footwear takes up plenty of space in luggage. So, pack nothing bulky when you are going on a business trip. Also, try to keep footwear to a maximum of two pairs.

Use Ziploc bags or shower caps to cover your shoes so that they do not rub against your clothes. Also, you can stuff your socks into your shoes to save space.

Try to wear the bulkiest of your shoes while you travel, so that you do not have to waste precious space. The same goes for your outfit, too.

Pack a pair of casual shoes as well as fancier shoes. This way, you are prepared for any event.

Pack Business Travel Essentials

Pack nothing that your hotel will provide you. Get in touch with your hotel to know all the amenities available in your room. For instance, you do not have to carry a hairdryer if your room will have one.

Pack all of your liquids in separate bottles. Buy TSA-approved bottles for your shampoos and creams so that you do not carry more than the approved 3.4 ounces. You can also buy travel packs of your favorite toiletries.

A few other business travel essentials include envelopes, a pen, and a notepad. The pen and notepad help you jot down any ideas that might pop in your head during travel. Use the envelopes to store receipts and tickets you will need for reimbursements.

Do not forget to pack the in-flight essentials. Noise-canceling earphones, earplugs, and a travel pillow are a must-pack for international business trips. Also, keep a bottle of hand sanitizer or a package of wet wipes handy, as airplane cabins are full of germs.

What Else To Carry On An International Business Trip

Now that you know what to take on business trips, let’s give you a heads-up on some extras you may need. Make sure you have physical copies of your travel documents. Buy or print a physical map of your destination to not depend on your phone too much.

Do not take costly jewelry with you during travel. It will make you a potential target and will be a bigger loss in case of theft.

Get yourself an international data plan and a mobile hotspot. This way, you won’t have to go looking for public Wi-Fi, as public Wi-Fi is not very secure.

Pack a Tide pen or any other instant stain remover. These can be of great help in case you spill something on yourself. It will likely be easier to remove the stain than to change your clothes.

You will probably not need cash to make payments during your trip, but it is always advisable to have some cash with you. ATMs at the airport have long lines, so be sure to get some cash before reaching the airport.

Know The Baggage Type To Carry

Business travelers have to be experts at so many things. Getting the best ticket, frequent flyer programs, and packing luggage are some examples. Such experts recommend you should always aim to take a single bag.

A compact bag that is easy to carry around and fits the overhead space on a flight is the best choice. Try to fit all your belongings into this compact bag so that your journey is easier and lighter.

Before You Begin Packing For Your International Trip…

Now that you know how to pack for international business trip, let’s update you on one other super important aspect to keep in mind. Regardless of what you might pack, and what kind of bag you might put everything in, the most important item to have for your international business trip is travel insurance or a business travel insurance policy.

If your luggage or personal items are lost, your company may not cover these expenses. With travel insurance, you can receive reimbursement for items that are lost during travel due to a reason covered by the policy, as well as a wealth of other benefits. Visit Insubuy today to find the ideal travel insurance plan for you.

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