AC I-140 Documents for Immigrant Visa or Consular Processing
  • Cover letter
    • Listing all documents in the package
    • Indicate Consular Processing intent
    • If your lawyer has an e-mail address, include that. Otherwise, include your own e-mail address.

      Many consulates reply by e-mail and communication would be faster. Such consulates would normally send the confirmation that AC I140 has been accepted and also give the case number. This confirms that they have opened a file for you, and this is usually how you know that AC I-140 is accepted. Their forms may slightly differ from the downloaded ones you sent with the AC I-140 package.

    AC I140 Sample cover letter

  • Original I-797 approval notice of the I-140 petition.

    Some persons might have filed I-485 before going for consular processing and might be wondering if the lawyer has already sent the original I-140 approval notice while filing I-485, then how to send the original I-140 approval? In the first place, the lawyer is supposed to file only the copy of I-140 approval notice (I-797) while filing I-485. Even if he/she sent original I-797, they need not worry.

    USCIS sends 2 copies of I-797 (I-140 approval notice). For all practical purposes, both are "original" since they are printed on security paper. The second copy is called the "Courtesy copy" and is generally meant to be for the petitioner or your company.

    If you are doing AC-I140, you can send either of these I-797, and you should be OK. As for carrying the other when you head to the interview, it is never asked for by the consulate. But, you could carry it in any case.

  • Entire copy of the initial I-140 petition.

  • Receipt for the I-824 to demonstrate the applicant has requested overseas processing.

  • Evidence the applicant's last residency was in the host country of the post.

    This can be established by the following means:
    • Your experience letters and university certificates included in your I-140 application (this will prove that you stayed in any of the above states for a major part of your pre-U.S. life).

    • Address page of your passport.

    • The U.S. visa page of your passport showing the name of the consulate that issued the U.S. non-immigrant visa.

    • Part IV of your I-140 application should indicate the consulate of your choice.

    • School mark sheets, college mark sheets/transcripts, degree certificate.

    • Driving license issued from your native country.

    • Voters card.

    • Ration card with primary applicant's name in it.

    • Your income tax returns before coming to the U.S.

    • Many of the above mentioned documents for your parents proving that your parents' still permanently belong to that consulate jurisdiction.

  • Addendums to I-140 (if any).

  • DS-2001 signed by the primary applicant with the case # empty.
    Print 2 sided on long edge.
    DS-2001 is not needed for dependents.

  • DS-230 Part1 for the primary applicant and each dependent who will immigrate with the primary applicant.
    Print 2 sided on long edge.

There is no fee for sending then AC I-140 and for sending the Packet 3.

Before you leave the U.S. for the interview, make sure you have all the documents with you.