Form DS-230: Immigrant Visa Application Forms
Immigrant visa form DS-230 has two parts: Part I and Part II. They contain questions regarding specific biographical information required for the immigrant visa.

Each immigrant visa applicant (primary applicant and accompanying family members) must complete the Form DS-230 and Part I and Part II. If sufficient copies are not received, these forms can be downloaded or can be photocopied.

Complete ALL sections of the application forms. DO NOT leave any question unanswered. This includes all parts of questions 22 and 23. DO NOT use the term "not applicable" or "N/A". Instead write "none" or "never".

Please include all names used by you, including any names used in the past. In particular, married women must include their full name as used before marriage, after marriage, and any other aliases. You must use the exact spelling and name order indicated in your passport.

Sign the Part I form only. You need to sign at the bottom of page 2. Original signature is required. Copies of facsimiles of the signature are not acceptable.

Part II of the form must be signed at the time of your visa interview when instructed by the Consular Officer and not before. That signature is towards the bottom of page 4.

Aliens under 14 years of age or one physically incapable of completing an application may be executed by the alien's parent or guardian, or, if the alien has no parent or guardian, by any person having legal custody of, or a legitimate interest in, the alien.

Children, who are able to, should sign their own forms and the parents of children under 16 should also sign the child's name and write "by (father) or (mother)", whichever is appropriate.

If you have any questions on completing the DS-230 Part I or Part II, please contact the National Visa Center (NVC).