Form DS-3032 - Choice of Address and Agent for Immigrant Visa Applicants

When the priority date is about to become current, National Visa Center (NVC) sends a Form DS-3032, Choice of Address and Agent for Immigrant Visa Applicants to the applicant.

Form DS-3032 is NOT required if:
  1. A G-28 is received from USCIS and the attorney is the agent;
  2. The alien is self-petitioning;
  3. A child is being adopted.
Form DS-3032 permits the applicant to choose an "agent" to receive mailings from NVC and assist in the paperwork or paying of required fees. The agent can be the petitioner, an attorney, a friend or non-governmental or community-based organization. The agent cannot sign required documents for the applicant, but can assist with fee payments and document collection.

The applicant is not required to choose an agent and may have all mailings sent to the overseas address. Even in this case, Form DS-3032 must be completed appropriately indicate that and sent to NVC.

The applicant's file will be held at NVC until the signed Form DS-3032 is returned. If it is not returned within one year, NVC will begin the case termination process.