Instructions Package for Immigrant Visa Applicants

The instructions package for immigrant visa applicants was formerly called "Packet 3".

NVC has rolling out paperless process where you submit all correspondence to the NVC by email. Instead of sending the paper document, you should send an email with required documents and forms scanned and e-mailed to the NVC as attachment. This process is called Electronic Processing.

Under this process, instead of NVC mailing you Form DS-3032, you will complete a web based form DS-261, choice of Address and Agent.

Instead of filling paper based Form DS-230, you will a web based form DS-260, Online Immigrant Visa Application and Registration.

For cases filed in the U.S., the NVC will collect the fees, affidavit of support, and civil documents and review, and schedule the cases for interview.

You will receive your original documents back at the time of the visa interview.

If the case was filed at the U.S. Embassy/Consulate, you should deal with them and send or present the documents to them, instead of sending to NVC.

U.S. Embassy/Consulate Specific Instructions

Once you receive the notification from the NVC to begin Applicant Document Processing, follow this process:
  1. Review the instructions and take appropriate action if any of your children are about to turn 21 years of age.

  2. Gather the civil documents including the photographs.

  3. When sending the documents, make that you also send:
    • BARCODED cover sheet that you received from NVC

    • Your own cover letter that lists all the documents you are sending to make it easier for the reviewer to locate

    • Immigrant Visa (IV) Fee receipt

  4. Complete Form DS-260 and Form DS-261.

  5. If appropriate, send the civil documents as attachment to the email to NVC.

  6. Make two extra copies of the package. Send one set to the beneficiary.

  7. NVC will complete all necessary administrative processing of your immigrant visa application. You may be requested to provide additional information if you have incomplete or are missing documents. If the NVC determines the case is still incomplete, a second check list will be sent. Even after two reviews by the NVC, even if it still contains errors or omissions, the file will still be forwarded to the U.S. Embassy/Consulate.

  8. Approximately one month before your scheduled interview appointment with a consular officer, you will receive an appointment letter containing the date and time of your visa interview along with instructions for obtaining a medical examination.

Do not send additional or unsolicited documents unless and until requested by NVC, as it complicates their automated processing and delays the case.