American Citizen Services (ACS) Fees
American Citizen Services (ACS) Fees must be paid by cash, a credit card capable of U.S. dollar transactions, or by demand draft. Personal checks are not accepted. ACS fees are nonrefundable.

Adult Passport Book
Adult passport Book & Card
Adult passport card
Adult Passport Replacement (Lost, Stolen, Damaged)
First-time Adult passport
First-time Adult Passport card
First-time Adult Passport Book & Card
Minor Passport (Under age 16)
Minor Passport Card
Minor Passport Book & Card
Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA)
Notarial (per signed seal)
Certified True Copy (per signed seal)
Photocopy (per page)
Renounce/Relinquish Citizenship

If you are paying by demand draft (cashier's check), you can pay in the local currency, as per the consular exchange rate. It should be made payable to the specific embassy/consulate you are visiting. E.g., "Ameican Embassy, New Delhi" or "U.S. Consulate General, Mumbai".