Get Duplicate Approval Notice for Application or Petition from USCIS
Your application or petition was approved, but if you lost the approval notice or if you never received the original notice of approval, you can request a duplicate notice of approval (I797).

e.g., if Form I-130, a petition to bring a relative to live in the United States was approved but you lost the original notice, you may request a duplicate notice of approval.

Also, many times, an approved petition for a visitor visa extension is lost and it is now required to apply for a visitor visa again, if the person stayed beyond original I-94 date stamp during previous visit.

In order to receive a duplicate approval notice, you must file Form I-824 while the original application or petition is still in effect.

Please note that the duplicate notice will contain only the information listed on the original Form I-797, Notice of Action. A replacement employment card, Form I-94 or any other USCIS authorization document will not accompany the duplicate approval notice.

You may not file this form to request a duplicate notice for an application or petition that is pending or has been denied or a duplicate approval notice naming a spouse or children accompanying or following-to-join the principal beneficiary on an approved immigration petition.

  • Form I-824, Application for Action on an Approved Application or Petition

  • Check Box A in the application for reason for filing Form I824 as this form is used for several other purposes.

  • Application fee must be sent with the application.
    There is no biometric fee.

    Fee details

  • Evidence
    Attach copies, showing the front and back of the following documents, if available.
    • A copy of the original petition or application.

    • A copy of the Form I-797, Notice of Action, for the original petition or application.

    Do not send original documents unless instructed to do so.

You must file Form I-824 along with required documents at the USCIS office that approved your original application or petition. This could be either a USCIS Service Center or local USCIS office.