iCERT Case Number
iCERT case numbers are used by the Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC), Employment and Training Administration, United States Department of Labor, to identify and track applications for permanent and temporary labor certification as they move through the iCERT system to receive a final determination. OFLC automatically assigns an official case number to each application you submit for processing.

OFLC case numbers appear in the following formats: [Visa Program Designation]-[3-digit Visa ID]-[5-digit Julian Date]-[6-digit Number Assignment]

Example: G-100-12345-123456

Visa Program designation includes the following values:
  • G = PERM Application
  • I = Labor Condition Application
  • H = H-2A and H-2B Applications

3-Digit Visa ID (000) values are hard coded and include the following values:
  • 100 = Basic PERM Application
  • 101 = PERM Application for Professional Athletes
  • 200 = H-1B
  • 201 = H-1B1 Chile
  • 202 = H-1B1 Singapore
  • 203 = E-3 Australian
  • 300 = H-2A
  • 400 = H-2B

Next 5 digits indicate the Julian Date on which the case was submitted for processing

Next 6 digits indicate a random number assigned to the case by the iCERT System.