New U.S. Consulate at Bandra/Kurla Complex in Mumbai, India
Previous Consulate: Lincoln House
The U.S. consulate in Mumbai was located in the former palace of King of Wankaner. It was located in the breach candy area in South Mumbai. It is renamed 'Lincoln House'.

When there was no system of visa appointment, there used to be long lines visa applicants who stood in lines from very early morning and for the whole night. Applicants and their relatives combined, there used to be around two to three thousand people gathered around the consulate.

Even after introducing the visa appointment system, the situation has not improved much. Therefore, it is very inconvenient for the nearby residences and flats. They continue to complain about the prolems they face.

Current Consulate: Bandra-Kurla Complex
To alleviate the problems and concerns of the visa applicants, their relatives and the nearby residents, U.S. consulate decided to transfer their consulate office in Bandra-Kurla complex in central Mumbai.

The construction has started in 2003. Instead of currently 13 visa counters, there are 44 windows in the new consulate. It also has two waiting room which will be able to accomodate 1000 applicants each.

It has opened on November 21, 2011. Hopefully, everyone would have better experience at the new consulate.