Notarized Copy for Visa or Immigration
Many legal processes required a notarized copy of the passport, green card and similar documents. Please note that in most cases, the notarized copy of the birth certificate, marriage certificate etc. can not be used, and the certified copy must be used for them.

However, for those documents where a notarized copy is required, people routinely face difficulty regarding this. Many people complain that the notary refuse to notarize the copy of the passport. Notaries are not completely wrong in many cases as several states do not allow notaries to notarize the photocopy of the document as a 'TRUE COPY'.

Therefore, we have listed several options here. In each case, make a photocopy of the document and take it to the notary along with the original document.
  1. Notary will write or stamp 'TRUE COPY' on the document, put the signature and the stamp on the photocopy.

  2. If the state where you live does not allow option #1, as described above, the notary can notarize your signature.

    In this case, type the following paragraph on a blank paper, and superimpose the photocopy with the contents of that paper and take it to the notary.

    State of <YOUR_STATE>
    County of <YOUR_COUNTY>

    I, <YOUR_NAME>, affirm that the attached is a true and complete copy of the document which it purports to represent.

    ____________________________ (YOUR SIGNATURE HERE)

    Subscribed and sworn to before me this <DAY> day of <MONTH>, <YEAR>.

    Signature of Notary Public
    My commission expires <MM/DD/YYYY >

  3. If your notary refuses to sign on the same paper as the photocopied document, as described in #2 above, you can have a certification of copy prepared on a separate paper.

    This certificate is attached to a passport copy of <YOUR NAME>. (Change the wording accordingly, here.)

    Certification of Copy

    State of __________________
    County of _________________

    I, Custodian of Document copied, swear/affirm that the foregoing (or attached) is a true and complete copy of the document which it purports to represent, and the photocopied document is neither a public record nor a publicly recordable document, certified copies of which are available from an official source other than a notary public.
    Signature of Affiant/Custodian of Document Copied

    Subscribed and sworn or (or affirmed) before me this _______ Day of _______________, _________.

    Signature of Notary Public

    Name of Notary printed, typed or stamped
    Notary Public, State of ________________
    My Commission Expires __________________

  4. If the notary is unwilling to write any statements on his own photocopy of the document, you can write a statement like "I declare this is a true, exact and unaltered photocopy of my passport" and sign below it in presence of the notary. And ask the notary to notarize your signature. If you face any difficulty with this, insist to the notary that he is simply notarizing your signature and not the contents of the document.