Import of Items for Passengers Traveling to India

Fire Arms

Import of firearms is strictly prohibited. Import of Cartridges in excess of 50 is also prohibited.

However, in the case of persons transferring their residence (as per conditions specified in the rules) to India for a minimum period of one year, one firearm of permissible bore can be allowed. This is subject to the conditions that:

  1. the same was in possession and use abroad by the passenger for a minimum period of one year and also subject to the condition that such firearm, after clearance, shall not be sold, loaned, transferred or otherwise parted with, for consideration or otherwise, during the lifetime of such person;
  2. the passenger has a valid arms license from the local (Indian) authorities;
  3. the customs and other duties as applicable shall be paid – 150% ad valorem + 3% education cess.

Pet Animals

Domestic pets like dogs, cats, birds, etc. are permitted to be imported. Import of pets (dog and cat only) up to two numbers per passenger are allowed at one time. This is subject to the production of required health certificates from country of origin and examination of the said pets by the concerned quarantine officer.

Imports of pets over and above this quantity shall be allowed only against an Import sanitary permit issued by the department of animal husbandry and dairying or against an import licence issued by the DGFT.

Baggage of Deceased Person

Used, bonafide personal and household effects belonging to a deceased person are allowed to be imported free of duty. This is subject to the condition that a Certificate from the concerned Indian mission (Embassy / High Commission) is produced at the time of clearance regarding the ownership of the goods by the deceased person.

Seeds / Plants / Fruits / Flowers

Only certain plants and plant materials are allowed to be imported into India. This is subject to conditions and accompanied by a Phytosanitary certificate issued by an authorized person at the country of origin.

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