Short-Term Scholar Program : J-1 Visa
Professors, research scholars, or persons with similar education or accomplishments travel to the U.S. on a short-term visit for the purpose of lecturing, observing, consulting, training, or demonstrating special skills at research institutions, museums, libraries, post-secondary accredited academic institutions, or similar type of institutions.

  • The maximum duration of participation in this category is six months.
  • No program extensions are permitted.
  • No change category will be considered.
  • The minimum program duration of 3 weeks for any exchange visitor program category is waived for participants in this category.
  • Exchange visitors who have recently participated in an exchange program as a professor or research scholar in the U.S. are not expected to attempt to reenter the U.S. as a short-term scholar to rejoin the rejoin original sponsor as this would be considered a continuation of their original program objective.
  • This category is often used for lectures, observations, consultations, conferences, professional meetings, participapate in seminars, workshops etc.
  • This category is primary for academics who reside outside the U.S. and are invited to the U.S. occasionally for short visits.
  • Participants may return to the U.S. again for a new Short Term Scholary stay, provided there is a substantial break betwwen the visits and each visit is for a new objective.
  • Participant may return to the U.S. for a longer term stay using the J-1 Research Scholar/Professor category without being subject to the 12 and 24 month bars.

Sponsor Responsibilities
Sponsors are required to:
  • Screen and select qualified foreign nationals to carry out exchange initiatives;
  • Monitor the visitor's stay while in the U.S. and assist with any issues that may occur;
  • Ensure that the foreign national is successfully carrying out the responsibilities for which entry to the U.S. was granted;
  • Ensure that exchange visitors are involved in cross-cultural programs where they can learn about the U.S. and its people;
  • Maintain SEVIS records;
  • Ensure that the exchange participants and his/her dependents, if any, are covered by health insurance; and
  • Ensure that exchange visitors have sufficient finances to participate in the program and to support their spouse and dependents, if any.