Individual Admission Process - L1 Blanket Petition

Following is the overall process for individual alien beneficiary's admission based on L-1 blanket petition:
  1. Petitioner files L-1 Blanket Petition and gets approval. This approval is an overall approval for the company and not specific to each and every alien (employee). Most employers will already have approved L-1 blanket petition before they consider transferring employees.

  2. Once the L-1 blanket petition is approved, USCIS gives the Form I-797, Notice of Approval of Blanket L Classification.

  3. The alien goes through the L-1 visa stamping process at the U.S. consulate.

    L1 Visa Stamping Documents. Some of those documents must be sent by the petitioner to the alien in advance.

  4. If the visa is approved, the consular officer endorses all copies of the Form I-129S and returns the endorsed original form to the alien. (Other copies are sent to the USCIS Service Center where the blanket petition was adjudicated.)

    If the alien is determined to be not eligible for L-1 visa under blanket petition, individual L-1 petition may be filed on his/her behalf, if otherwise eligible.

  5. The alien presents both the L-1 visa and the endorsed Form I-129S to an immigration officer at a Port-Of-Entry.

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